Hacks / Improvements



Power Electronics


Mechanical Signal Processing

Picture Description/Link
Microscope Ring Light Supply
Microscopy Lamp and dimmer for LOMO Microscopes
Dual Channel Microscope Lamp Dimmer
Halogen Lamp Driver

Frequency Standard System

Frequency Standard System Overview

Module Picture Description/Link
Oscillator: TCXO 10Mhz, NARVA
Clock divider: 5MHz, 1Mhz, 1kHz, 1PPS
Clock divider: 32.768Khz

Measurement & Readout Electronics

This is an ongoing project, there are many modules I have yet to add to this website.

The readout electronics are for various topics in my interest, such as for single photon counting and Scintillation.

Module Picture Description/Link
±5V 500mA Quad Preamplifier Power Supply
Analog Threshold Relay
Dual Channel Wideband Pulse Amplifier
Dual Divide-by-10 Scalar
-1.25kV PMT Bias Supply
Hall - Magnetometer

And a dozens modules I haven’t taken pictures of yet.

HDL implementation of processors

Hardware Description Language implementations of various old 60’s, 70’s and 80’s computers and processors that I have written over time. Mostly as an exercise but also for fun.

Data General NOVA 1

Word Width Model Language Link/Download
16-bit Data General NOVA 1 Verilog Github


  • Can execute all standard instructions
  • IO bus specified
  • All IO devices incomplete or not implemented


Word Width Model Language Link/Download
18-bit DEC PDP-1(D) Verilog Github


  • All PDP1 and some PDP1-D instructions implemented
  • Passes almost all paper tape instruction tests
  • IO Bus specified
  • No IO devices implemented

CDC 160

Word Width Model Language Link/Download
12-bit CDC 160 Chisel Github


  • So far just the instruction decoder

RCA 110

Word Width Model Language Link/Download
24-bit RCA 110 Verilog Github


  • Can execute some instructions
  • Only one manual on Bitsavers which contradicts itself on some instructions
  • Indefinitely stalled until I get a better reference


Word Width Model Language Link/Download
1-bit MC14500b Verilog Archive


  • Complete
  • Companion chips from Manual included