Hacks / Improvements



Power Electronics


Mechanical Signal Processing

Picture Description/Link
Microscope Ring Light Supply
Microscopy Lamp and dimmer for LOMO Microscopes
Dual Channel Microscope Lamp Dimmer
Halogen Lamp Driver
7W LED Driver

Frequency Standard System

Frequency Standard System Overview

Module Picture Description/Link
Oscillator: TCXO 10Mhz, NARVA
Clock divider: 5MHz, 1Mhz, 1kHz, 1PPS
Clock divider: 32.768Khz

Power Supply System

Module Picture Description/Link
1.25kV High-Voltage Power Supply Mk2
±340V, 170V DC Power Supply

Measurement & Readout Electronics

This is an ongoing project, there are many modules I have yet to add to this website.

The readout electronics are for various topics in my interest, such as for single photon counting and Scintillation.

Module Picture Description/Link
±5V 500mA Quad Preamplifier Power Supply
Analog Threshold Relay
Dual Channel Wideband Pulse Amplifier
Dual Divide-by-10 Scalar
-1.25kV PMT Bias Supply (OLD) See new one
Hall - Magnetometer

And a dozens modules I haven’t taken pictures of yet.

HDL implementation of processors

Hardware Description Language implementations of various old 60’s, 70’s and 80’s computers and processors that I have written over time. Mostly as an exercise but also for fun.

Data General NOVA 1

Word Width Model Language Link/Download
16-bit Data General NOVA 1 Verilog Github


  • Can execute all standard instructions
  • IO bus specified
  • All IO devices incomplete or not implemented


Word Width Model Language Link/Download
18-bit DEC PDP-1(D) Verilog Github


  • All PDP1 and some PDP1-D instructions implemented
  • Passes almost all paper tape instruction tests
  • IO Bus specified
  • No IO devices implemented

CDC 160

Word Width Model Language Link/Download
12-bit CDC 160 Chisel Github


  • So far just the instruction decoder

RCA 110

Word Width Model Language Link/Download
24-bit RCA 110 Verilog Github


  • Can execute some instructions
  • Only one manual on Bitsavers which contradicts itself on some instructions
  • Indefinitely stalled until I get a better reference


Word Width Model Language Link/Download
1-bit MC14500b Verilog Archive


  • Complete
  • Companion chips from Manual included