Readout Electronics: ±5V 500mA Quad Preamplifier Power Supply

This is part of my readout electronics system.

This is a fairly simple ±5V 500mA preamplifier power supply I designed originally with
Hamamatsu PMT preamplifiers in mind, but I ended up not getting one of those. So now I’m using it for my own preamplifier modules.

The circuit is a fairly standard LM317 and LM337 one with stability improvements by adding a capacitor (and associated diode) to the programming pin. See the data sheets for any LM317 or LM337 for the circuit.

The voltage can be fine adjusted using two potentiometers, exposed through the front panel. Yes, the heat sinks are total overkill - but they make it look nice.

From a mechanical standpoint, I’m not satisfied the front panel. I built this way back before I had my milling machine and drilled those quite large holes for the DIN connectors with my drill press. So they ended up slightly misaligned.

Preamplifier Power Supply Preamplifier Power Supply