Electrical Maintenance

Changing outlets of a broken extension cord

I have an old mangled extension cord, that has been sitting around, so I figured I fix it so I can make use of it again. The Schutzkontaktstecker was falling apart and the cable had a cut that someone fixed with some tape. I cut off the broken part which fortunately was quite close to one of the ends and replaced both the plug and socket with a TAURUS 2 plug and socket from PCE.

I also tested the insulation at 1000V and it checked out okay, so this is safe for use again.

Broken cable broken plug New plug and socket

Fixing a broken power supply

The power supply of my machining light I use on my drill press broke the other day, so I soldered in a new one.

Broken supply New supply Soldering the ends Final product

DC Jack not long enough

For my Sauter L10 I needed a 5VDC power supply with a slightly longer DC jack, so I replaced the one on a cheap standard plugplack supply for a longer one.

Power supply longer DC Jack finished product