Sauter L10 (Mobile Laboratory Scale)

Another one of my laboratory scales. It’s a mobile single range 10mg scale with a resolution of 0.01g.


Sauter L10 Battery compartment

There is not much to the Sauter L10. The only user controls are a focus control (on the back) and a zero-point adjustment on the front. The lamp illuminates if the cover is being opened.

What I really like is the small weighting pan, which can be removed and is designed to be carried by hand.


Sauter L10 Battery compartment

It takes 4x 1.5V Mono D (LR20) cells. There is also a DC Jack on the back for running it off the grid supply, the latter disconnects the batteries from the circuit once a connector is inserted. This is crucial to prevent the batteries from accidentally charging (and thus leaking or catching fire).

The lamp inside is a small bayonet type with a builtin light condenser and with green paint applied to the tip of it. Not exactly sure what type of socket this is, might be proprietary.

The lamp is switched on using a micro switch on the inside that closes when the cover is opened to a certain degree, opening the cover fully to will however switch the lamp off. I guess the idea behind this was that you only really open the cover fully to replace the batteries.

As for external line supply operation, any 5V-6V plug pack power supply with a standard DC jack will do. Preferably a longer DC jack, around 2cm.


Test with my standard cheap Chinese OIML M2 weight set.

It went slightly out of focus for some of the readings.

Read Nominal Weight Displayed Weight Deviation abs(Δ)1)
10g 10g 9.97g 0.03g
5g 5g >4.98g <0.02g
2g 2g 1.99g 0.01g
1g 1g >0.99g <0.01g
500mg 500mg 501mg 0.01g
200mg 200mg 200mg -
100mg 100mg >99mg <0.01g
50mg 50mg 50mg -
20mg 20mg >20mg <0.01g
10mg 10mg >10mg <0.01g

1) Deviation is the deviation between the nominal weight and the actually displayed weight

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