Restoring a Paul Waechter Microscope Va

I acquired this Paul Waechter microscope a while back. It was in quite a rough shape, most of the brass plated parts had the brass rust off or corroded.

I decided to only fix the severely broken parts and keep as much of it original, as possible. I’m generally not a fan of making old things look new and shiny again, old things have the right to look old and used.

Paul Waechter Microscope

Objective Assembly

I couldn’t completely disassemble the objective, as it was stuck with rust and I was afraid of breaking any of the lenses by applying force to it. I cleaned it with a wire brush on my Proxxon tool.

Objective before Objective after

Focus Assembly

This assembly was brass plated, I removed the brass with a wire brush and polished it. Afterwards I applied brass spray:

Assembly before Disassembled brushed before spray painting after spray painting finished

Tube Assembly

The tube assembly had a scratch on the front and was generally greasy and dirty, so I polished it with my Proxxon tool and hand applied some paint to fix the scratch mark.

Tube Assembly Tube Assembly

Done (for now)

Tube Assembly afterwards Ocular afterwards