Fixing a Microscopy XY Stage (Objektführer)

On various platforms you can get cheap XY stages (Objektführer) of various designs, because quite often it is hard to get the ones specific to your microscope.

XY stages

I originally got the one on the right for one of my upright microscopes but then noticed it also fits onto my MBS-10 stereomicroscope. However it has the knobs to the side which doesn’t work with the base of the MBS-10. So fair enough I ordered one with knobs on the top (the left one).

Unfortunately it turned out that whilst the screw is correct the two fixation pins weren’t. They need to be in the same line as the screw and also the distance to the screw was too short. And also the fixation pins were too small, they need to be more in the order of 3mm.

XY stage problem

So fix this I drilled some holes with the right distance and threaded them for M3 screws. In order to have a little bit of play I milled the thread off the lower parts of the screws.

XY stage problem