SUN Netra X1 Capacitor Replacement

For the keen observer, the picture on my last post about the SUN Netra X1 showed a couple suspicious capacitors around the processor. Two of them already started venting, so I figured to replace them before the short out and damage the mainboard. I also examined all other capacitors, including in the power supply and those all still looked fine.

Broken capacitors

The broken capacitors in question are SANYO 1500uF/6.3V I replaced them with W├╝rth 1500uF/10V capacitors (WCAP-ATUL 860040275011) which happen to have the same via spacing and diameter.

I prepared my ESD instruments:

Worktable Left Worktable Right

Mainboard on ESD mat

I found that one of the capacitors that started venting also had a bad solder joint: Bad solder joint

I used a high-power 150W soldering iron with a chisel tip to desolder the capacitors. This is required due to the large filled area the capacitors are soldered onto. I then soldered in the new capacitors and that’s pretty much it.

All done

All done!

As a side effect the fan sounded a little cranky before, now it doesn’t. Not sure that’s due to the mechanical reasons or whether the power rail is now more smooth.