Making a LOMO Power Supply Safe(er)

As mentioned in the MBS-10 (МБС-10) post the standard LOMO power supply is not safe by modern standards. It uses a non-earthed metallic case and does not have fuses. I recently got this supply together with my new LOMO R15 (ЛОМО Р15) where the prior owner cut off the standard europlug and added a Schutzkontaktstecker using screw terminals. It is as safe as it looks:

LOMO power supply

While disassembling it I also noticed that the shrinking tube was improperly sized, exposing live 230V terminals:

Also the lever contact has the incoming power center tapped, meaning that the lower, completely uncovered contacts will be live, when the unit is powered off.

So I added new shrinking tube and crimped the earth connection which I screwed onto the transformer mount.

LOMO power supply (picture taken before I shrunk the tubes)

And done for now:

LOMO power supply

I don’t have a 5x20mm fuse mount at hand right now, but once I do, I’ll add a primary side fuse.