Personal library organization with Koha

I looked at several other open source library software suits with an OPAC but they were either too much of an overkill or unmaintained for a while. My main requirement was the software to support MARC. I eventually decided to go with the traditional open-source ILS Koha.


I decided to install Koha in a LXC container with Debian running on my virtualization server which on itself runs Alpine Linux. So first I created a container:

lxc-create -n koha -f /etc/lxc/default.conf -t download

I then selected the current Debian release and attached to the container afterwards:

lxc-start -n koha
lxc-attach -n koha

I then followed the Koha installation manual for Debian.

Koha mostly assumes that staff and OPAC access can be accessed through different subdomains, as such an internal DNS server/and or internal name resolution must be present.

Additional Z39.50 and SRU query servers

See the IRSpy database for further Z39.50 and SRU servers you can setup Koha to query.

Cataloging Hints

  • Older McGraw-Hill books I have have a LCCN but no ISBN. For some reason the Z39.50/SRU query for LCCN does never seem to work. I entered the title and maybe author and found a MARC21 source I could import for almost all of my McGraw-Hill books.