Quick Restoration: Theatrical Light

I recently acquired this rusty theatrical spot light.

Rusty light Rusty light

It looked like, someone already repainted the thing at some point and as can be clearly seen on the second picture above evidently someone put a bulb of a too high wattage in it.

I removed the remains of the paint and applied new high-temperature paint.

The fixture uses a GY9.5 socket, which in by itself does not really help in figuring out the rating of the light. I put a 300W (OSRAM 64662) bulb in it for now - this is enough for me.

I put a LEE 201 (Full C.T. Blue) gel filter in the filter holder.

For the electrical cabling, I used a SIHF (high-temperature silicone) cable and a PCE Taurus2 plug.

After the repair The weird stuff on the barndoor assembly is dust