Cleaning a Thales MEZ

So I got this Thales MEZ a while back which was in a super bad shape:

Overview before

In particular after a general outside clean I redid the paint on the front-panel, as the majority was rusted off:

New Front Panel

However, I did not clean it on the inside at the time and just put it into my shelf to sit there. Now I decided to finish what I started and repair the rest of it. The first thing being cleaning it from the inside, which I didn’t do so far.


As can be seen from the above the base plate was full of grease like stuff with random dirt particles.

Base plate


The Sprossenrad was full of crap so I (carefully) brushed it off and applied some new oil for lubrication.

Sprossenrad before Sprossenrad after


Counter before Counter after

The paint on the main accumulator is missing and the paint on the other number wheels is bad. I’m going to do this next in an attempt to put it back into it’s original color shape.

Polishing the panels

All of the panels had this odd layer of crap on it, I used a polishing insert with my Proxxon tool to remove this. Here you can see the difference, the lower part has been polished the upper left part not:

Polishing the side panel