Repairing a Siemens Schuckertwerke AC Motor

Motor overview



Te screws of the bearing covers were completely sheared off, probably from vibrational damage.

New bearings

Replaced the old bearings with new SKF 6200-2RSH ones.

New bearings

Odd screws

The screws holding the bearing cover were of an odd dimension, either imperial or something like M3.5.

I decided to rethread the inner plate to M4, so I can use standard screws. To do this I used a 3.5mm reamer to clean up the hole and re-threaded it to M4.


Cleaning up some mess

My hand press wasn’t high enough to fit the stator under, so I had to abuse my drill press to press the bearings and small steel rings in. Unfortunately this left some marks on the steel ring, so I cleaned this up (taking off ~10um) on the lathe.



Connection box

The connection box is interesting in that it doesn’t provide a seal or gasket but instead relies on milled surfaces to achieve water tightness. I cleaned these up with a scouring pad.

Connection box


Motor after repair